Vidal ice wine cocktails

The «ice» splash

steps to follow:
1- In a shaker, put the ice cubes.
2- Combine all the ingredients except the 7up!
3- Bien secouer / Shake well
4- Verser le tout dans un verre old fashioned./
    Pour everything into an old fashioned glass.
5- Décorer avec une tranche de citron frais./
    Decorate with a slice of fresh lemon.

- Ice cubes
- 1 oz fresh lemon juice
- 1 1/2 oz Late Harvest wine
- Fresh thyme
- Top up the glass with 7up

''La grande classe''

steps to follow:
1- In a shaker, put the ice cubes.
2-Put a litchi in the shaker with a drop of rose  
    water and ice wine.
3- With a spoon, simply stir.
4-  Pour only the liquid into a martini glass.
5- Decorate with a litchi

-  Ice cubes
- 2 canned litchi
- 1 Drop of rose water
- 1 oz of Vidal ice wine 


The long Iceland

 steps to follow:
1- In a shaker, put all the ingredients  
    with ice.
2- Pour into a high ball glass with ice.
3- Decorate with a pinch of 4 spices.ingrédients:
-  Ice cubes
- 1 1/2 oz of Apricot juice
- 2 sweet ginger cubes
- 2 Pieces of mango 
- 1 oz Vidal ice wine
-  lime splash
-  pinched of the 4 spices mix