Léon Courville Vigneron

Owners Messages

As the genetic pedigree of all great wines, the land is said to be everything. But without the work of devoted people who are both impatient with and respectful of the long cycles of nature, focused on quality and enthralled by the pleasures offered by this mystic and festive elixir, the land is nothing.

Léon Courville
Domaine Les Brome is a place of enchantment. Over the years, it has allowed me to give free rein to my entrepreneurial spirit, to blend my passion for wine with my passion for nature, to innovate and create in a world where science meets intuition and to commit myself to the demands of putting my name on a bottle and adapting complex know-how to a brand new setting. Léon Courville

It would undoubtedly have been simpler and perhaps even less costly to buy an established vineyard in France or California, but the desire to live in Quebec always prevailed. We wanted to prove that we can produce great wines here, and we believe that we have!

It is an industry in its youth, full of challenges that give us the opportunity to break new ground. In a sense, we are its pioneers. Vines, wine-making, wine tourism, marketing – it is all new or nearly new. Beaten paths are rare in Quebec. Anne-Marie Lemire
Anne-Marie Lemire