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Wine Craft

Respecting the soil

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We cultivate 12 different grape varieties: 3 vitis vinifera and 9 hybrid grape varieties.
We have chosen to cultivate mainly hybrid varieties because they are more resistant to cold and less susceptible to disease. We can thus make a more ecological culture and a good use of our soils. More and more hybrid grape varieties are planted in wine regions of the world for their ecological benefits and the quality of the wines they produce.

Vines pruning

Our vines are pruned by hand, one by one in the Springtime, guaranteeing very good success for future harvests, as well as the health of the vine.

Trellising and trimming

To support the vegetation, the plants are kept in a vertical axis by lifting them up and attaching them to the supporting wires. It is a meticulous and painstaking work that allows to properly expose the leaf surface to the sun.

To promote the development of the clusters, the branches are cut vertically, and the leaves are stripped according to the vigour of the vine.


The rows of vines are covered with grass that we mow. Between plants, we carry out mechanical weeding. 

As well, to reduce weeds in the middle of the rows of vines , we plant radishes and other plants that allow us to use the soil resources well.

Netting Installation

At the end of summer, birds and small animals are attracted to the delicious sugar-laden grapes. Installation of simple nets remains the most peaceful way to keep these little predators away.

At the end of August, all our vines are covered with this protection and we are left with simply waiting for the harvest.


We harvest around the beginning of October. The harvest is done by hand in order to protect the vines and to manipulate the bunches of grapes as little as possible. 

A first sorting is done in the field to select the most beautiful grapes. This process also ensures superior wine quality.

Winter protection

Winter is not an obstacle for us. To protect the vines, we cover them with Geotextile fabrics. 

These fabrics allow us to gain 10 ° C. of thermal protection. Buds which generally tolerate a temperature of -20 ° C are therefore never affected by harsh temperatures. 

Only the St-Pépin plants are left uncovered since they withstand temperatures of -32 ° C.