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Distinctive, elegant and harmonious wines

Discover our methods
All sorts of techniques are used to enhance our grapes through practices aimed at transforming them into distinctive, elegant and harmonious wines.
Anne-Marie Lemire and Sébastien Perrachon, our winemaker, work with the most renowned experts in the world of wine, to find ways to enhance our grape varieties.
Here are some examples of the unique methods and means that we use.


In collaboration with experts from Ontario and Italy, we have developed a Passerillage Room for our De Chaunac grapes which serve as the basis for our famous XP wine.

In this room, the grapes are dried for 15 to 21 days in order to concentrate the sugars and  aromas. The result is a dense and smooth wine.

Placement in Fermentation Vats

In order not to damage the fruit, the fermentation vats are filled with grapes by gravity. As for the aromas, these are enhanced by fermentations at controlled temperatures.

Horizontal tanks

Our wines are fermented in vats or in barrels. After fermentation, the yeasts and organic compounds will settle at the bottom of the tank. These are called the lees. They allow the wine to have more aromatic complexity and better aging potential.

To obtain a better distribution of the lees over the volume of wine and thus increase the benefits, we ​​adapted stainless steel milk tanks and using them for the aging of our wines.

Our Champagne Method

Thanks to the collaboration of professionals from the Champagne region, we were able to develop a very precise methodology to ensure very fine bubbles and the beautiful harmony of aromas in this wine made from the St-Pépin grape.

The renowned MUSE is an exceptional product of which we are very proud!

Our St-Pépin Reserve

Our St-Pépin Reserve is the pride of the house! We were the first vineyard to plant this variety in large quantities. 

The St-Pépin vine is very resistant to cold and does not need to be protected in winter. However, as it only produces female flowers, we must plant vines with the same flowering cycle alongside it, so that their pollen will pollinate the flowers of St-Pépin. 

La Réserve St-Pépin is a dry, fruity white wine with a hint of honey and vanilla. Harmonious and of good length on the palate, it is perfect to accompany seafood.