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Réserve XP

Réserve XP

This unique wine is made from De Chaunac grapes that have been left to dry for a short time to concentrate colour and flavour. Very colourful, dense, with remarkable smoothness, the XP is a blend of several vintages. We find aromas of advanced wine, lots of fruit and a nice freshness.

Grape variety: De Chaunac

Colour: Deep purple

Harvest: Manual

Aging: Naturally dried on trellis. One part is aged in barrels and the other in vats.

Blending: Blending of different vintages

Certification: Quebec wines Certified

SAQ code: 12685975

Pairings: Duck with spices, venison fillet with pepper, pan-fried foie gras with figs, veal tajine with figs


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